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About Us

Color My Interiors was started in the year 2010 as an interior design company; striving to create the perfect fusion of ingenuity, art, passion and technology.
Whether you are looking for a classical, modern minimalistic or even an Art Deco design; we are pleased to offer you a design and finishing that will exceed your needs in any residential project you have in mind; be it a villa, an apartment, a loft, a penthouse or even a whole residential complex. 562258 228388560615100 505277181 n
We believe in creating a near perfect balance between:

  • Creativity The holistic approach of design towards creating an ambiance to invite, cherish or work is the primary goal.
  • Usability The effective, efficient and functional utilization of spaces to maximize client’s design intent and vision.
  • Materials We work closely with suppliers to keep up to date with any new information and materials/ products and on any new research developments.
  • Technical expertise Has brought together the use of materials, recent developments in technology and innovative products.
  • Documentation Paying attention to detail is paramount and no effort is spared in preparation of drawings or specifications.
  • Project management Guiding projects through budgets, schedules and design intent.

Our goal is to create affordable services for homes in need of quality interior service on a budget, upcoming businesses seeking to establish corporate color and signature.
We believe in working with the client's budget, but also give the best for their needs.

Color me design is dedicated to providing a complete interior design service which exceeds the expectations of the clients who are committed to achieving a professional signature at their homes and offices.
We seek to promote a quality relationship with contractors and suppliers of quality material as we seek to create an environment that will enhance the lives of our clients.

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