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Interior design is not all about interior walls, it is all about everything residing in your space, starting from furniture, lamps, flowers, wall portraits among others.

We have this package for you. You don’t need to think much.

Textured Effect Painting

The proper application of paint on walls, floors, or furniture can change the look of a room at very little cost. Using the right paint, selecting the proper product, and using professional-style techniques will give you the results worthy of your home. Color Me Interior has the experience to use paint to transform your space, giving you all the expertise advice you would need.


Choosing floor tiles can be a puzzling process due to the sheer variety of tiles available. Our design experts guide clients through the process narrowing on their interest in terms of color and use of the surface. We also a variety of lighting option to give you spaces and elegant ambiance.

Furniture design supply and arrangements

Furniture designs are believed to have become the main source for elegance in any form of building structure. Our choice in furniture for spaces is such that the theme or layout can be chosen individually for each and every room depending on the owners’ preferences. Colour extensive partnerships with reputed furniture workshops and outlets, and certain to get what our clients are looking for.

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